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Boards of Canada

I love the band Boards of Canada. Makes me cry. It's like a computer fell in love with a human and wrote it endless love songs... <333

Might I suggest the album, Music Has the Right to Children, if you're interested. <3

Outside Hallowe'en decorations? CHECK!!

Eee! All done out there! We set up two projector lights and I am anxiously awaiting nightfall. ^-^ (Inside of house here!)


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Beautiful Sunset

The sky was insanely gorgeous last night:


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Heartfelt thank-you's <333

I was having a real "la poo" day, but gevr and xina_gee you two lifted my spirits so much, and when I really needed it. ^-^

First look at this beautiful photo of Leela and lovely message of friendship <3


I love it, and it was so perfectly timed, gevr! We were sort of cranky with Leela today...but when I opened that and saw her beautiful face...<3 Just wow, thank you so much. It's on the little fridge, as you can see. It's making me smile right now as I type this. ^-^

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Good Morning!! The 'Money Shots' :D

Hey spikesgirl58 you know how I haven't been totally personally satisfied with any of the butterfly photos I've taken for you so far? Well, I finally am, now. ^-^




I ended up quite muddy taking these--and it was totally worth it. <3

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Goodnight <3

Me, squeezing in one more Creepy Pasta before bed and terrifying the hell out of myself.



Sleep well, all.


Decorations! ^-^

Just a few things in the kitchen. :)


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Pre-decor Photos ^-^


So you've seen the whole kitchen now and the rest of the main floor is finally clean and organized. It was a long week! And I did get the decorations up, but let's start with the blank slate here.

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