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Laughing in the Dark

Paranormal Post


Just a little list of some recent, spooky goings-ons! If you don't believe in the paranormal, feel free to skip. :)

Okay! So, the reading room...

is a hotspot. This whole house is haunted as hell (it's 121 years old, for anyone new) and I haven't been recording everything but I feel compelled to do so now...

1. Four days ago I was tired early (9:30, so, very dark out) but I didn't want to go to bed-bed so I grabbed my book and went up to the reading room. I didn't turn on the hall light and when I entered the dark room I got a seriously ominous feeling (no moon, no lights out here), all the little hairs standing up type of thing. I shivered, flicked on the light...and it burnt out. I got the hell out of there and read on the couch, *LOL*. So that's not a big deal, really, lightbulbs burn out, but paired with the feeling... Nope!

2. Two nights ago, Scott passed out while we were watching a movie and would NOT wake up. I tried four times but it was after midnight and I was exhausted so I covered him up and left him down there. I felt weird about sleeping in our bed without him so I went into the reading room. I didn't even think to turn on any lights because I was going to flop right into the bed, anyway. I walked right into the middle of the room...and there it was.

I was face-to-"face" with a shadow person. If those things had discernible noses, it'd have been touching mine.

I sucked in a HUGE gasp...and then I just kept gasping. I couldn't stop. I kept sucking air into my lungs until I felt like I was going pass out and then I stumbled my ass backwards out of the room.

I could SEE it, you guys. Perfectly humanoid, just...existing fuzzily right in front of me. I thought I was going to throw up. (No eyes. Sometimes people report glowing eyes but that was not the case in this situation.) Barely slept at all that night (I moved to our room after that).

3. We also have a trickster who has been taking Scott's phone in the night. o_O

He gets up multiple times a night (a terrible sleeper all his life) and even if nature is not calling he'll still go downstairs and pop out for a smoke or grab a drink of cold water or whatever. We turn off all the lights when we go to bed so the house is pitch black and he uses the flashlight mode on his phone to light the way. He'll put his phone down on the dining table or bathroom counter, do his thing, and then he turns around to pick his phone back up...and it's gone.

It's upstairs on his bedside table. Every time. The first three times it happened, he searched the whole entire house for an intruder. It's happened about twenty more times now.

4. About a week ago, Scott was standing by the stairs (another hotspot, remember?) and Titus was hanging around him because he thought he was getting food and I was in the kitchen and plain as day, I heard Scott say,

"Viens ici petit cochon..."

And I laughed SO hard because 1, he doesn't speak any French, where did he learn that?? And also because Titus IS a little pig, and I call him that all the time (in English, though). So I walk over to him giggling and tell him I've never heard him speak French before and he just STARED at me like I had two heads. He'd said nothing of the sort. But I heard it in HIS voice... Yeah, don't like that. o_O (No TV or radio going, obviously we look for all rational explanations first.)

Okay now this last one is a little different, but the feeling of DREAD was the same so I'm going to include it.

5. Last week Scott was walking Sooki before we went to bed (it was about midnight) and she GOT AWAY FROM HIM. Black dog, black, moonless night in the country with no lights for miles. He came running in in a panic and told me and I just immediately put boots on, grabbed a little flashlight (too weak for the job but I had no time to react) and went running out the door. He went west/south and I took north/east...which brought me into the back. I was SO worried about her (for anyone new...her sister, Piglet, was hit and killed by a truck in front of our house, in front of me, less than a year ago, so I was PANICKED) and all I could think about was getting her back, adrenaline was surging.

Then, I hear it. The jingle of her collar tags. In the woods. So I go rushing in there, LIKE A FOOL IN A HORROR MOVIE, and then, standing there in a darkness so thick it was physically oppressive, I had a terrible realization.

She didn't have her collar on.

It was in Scott's hand when he came in and told me she'd gotten loose (that's how--she slipped right out of the collar somehow). And then all I could think was,

They got you, man... You f***ing fell for it. Now you're dead!!

and then I went running like a madwoman back to the house. Scott was gone, he'd taken the truck (massive, blinding light bar on top) and was slowly trundling down the road to look for her. I stood on the little part of the front lawn that the dim garage light illuminates, hyperventilated, and then calmly prayed to my Dad to bring Sooki home. Told him I couldn't take another loss after Leela and Piggy last year.

She walked out of the bean field across the road not two minutes later.


So that had a happy ending, but, still... It's all been very strange. Figured it was time to start writing some of this stuff down.

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