Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Beautiful Orange Moon... Damn you!


We stood on the lawn and gazed at this lovely, orange moon on Monday night...and then Tuesday morning guess what came early. -_- (I usually only get it on the full moon and this was only a halfer.) I was in so much pain yesterday I could barely function, physically or mentally. (When I can't even LJ then you know it's bad, bleh.) But I'm feeling fine today and I'm getting caught up here and in the house (amazing how it piles up after just one day).

(More under the cut...)


So pretty. Orange has been the colour around here lately--yesterday we were sitting and silently birdwatching at Bird Land and we saw another of those stunning Baltimore orioles and then a large monarch butterfly appeared and flew around each of our heads, and then it literally sat beside me on the wooden chair for a minute. We never spoke, just looked at each other totally drop jawed and enjoyed it.

Alright off to do the things, hope everyone's having a beautiful week so far.


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