Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark


It's a sombre day. It's Canada Day, but we don't celebrate it. Yeah let's get drunk and party in honour of 150+ years of the colonization of the aboriginal peoples... No. Especially not this year with the recent discoveries of the bodies of hundreds of aboriginal children turning up that the church murdered. Children. They were children. I can't write this without crying angry tears. I wish I'd been alive back then. I'd need Tarantino to direct, I promise you.


To honour them I am (not celebrating, and) spending today being kind to nature and my animals, inside and the wild ones, too. I'm going to garden and water and listen to the Earth's song out in the woods. Read my bird books.

♥ to all and let's all send out more love to those who really need it today...

I wish I could join in the silent march through downtown Ottawa for this today.

Here is an article, if you think can stomach it.

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