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Rainy Days and Data Woes

Good morning! We ran out of data yesterday!! I'm using a $20 'fast pass' right now but I have no idea how long it'll last so I'll try to get caught up with you guys while I can. It's annoying but the silver lining is I had the most productive day ever yesterday without Internet *lol*. Did the usual daily list plus I got the inside windows and all the dusting done. Woo! Felt great to wake up in fresh surroundings--I really need to remember this! ;)

It's been raining for two days now and I'm loving it (we're getting enough breaks in it to take Sooki for her walks so I really can't complain). Made for perfect studying weather (ASL) and we watched the next episode of Living Single before bed (My Cups Runneth Over) and the premise horrified us both BUT we loved Kyle's kind words to Regine in the end (E, her expression when she's getting her photos taken? *LOL*).

Alright time to try to get caught up but if I disappear until May 1st you know why. ♥

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