Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Yesterday was nice...


But today is not! The thing says 7C but it's raining and windy and feels colder (especially if you have arthritis; that kind of crappy cold).

Look how gloomy... (More under the cut)



At least we're getting breaks in the rain for walks, though! Sooki and I have been out twice so far and I'm hoping for a long one after lunch.

And look! We left the new piggy on the step and noticed a gnome I didn't put away last fall...and a tiny flower has grown beside the gnome! I just thought that was sweet.




Alright, back to the list in a few minutes. So far I've done the cat box (always the first thing), kitchen and finished last night's laundry (it was folded but I was too beat to put it away) and posted + zeroed my comments here. Next up is the bathroom (my least favourite room to clean -_-) and then I'll get showered and dressed for real (I change out of my PJs right away in the morning but I'll often just put comfy clothes on and then figure out a real outfit for after my shower).

Hope the day is going well for you, too! ^-^


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