Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Had to do the snake dance!! o_O

So I've mentioned this to a few people individually here but I guess there's no shame in publicly saying that I gained twelve damn pounds during this pandemic. I noticed it early March so it was a pound per month since the beginning. I've lost four, so far, though! I got back off the white bread (exception: burger buns) and increased my exercise/general activity and I'm eating more raw veggies instead of my beloved carb snacks (a cucumber and a little cheddar instead of a croissant type thing). I might start having a meal replacement shake at lunch for just two weeks to speed up these last eight pounds, because they've GOT to go. I'd like my jeans to fit nicely again, please!! I can button them up again now (*lol*) but they are still too snug to be really comfortable.

That being said, all the dresses I ordered do fit, but they will fit a lot better once I lose five more pounds (that might be enough, actually! It doesn't need to be the whole eight, it's not about that ~magic number~ it's about feeling good and being fit). I ordered an American size 4 and I had to SHIMMY & SHAKE my way into this dress. I tried it on last because I feared I might get stuck in it *LOL* (my guy wasn't home) but I got out, just barely.

(Photos under the cut...)



This is just to show you guys 'cause I wouldn't wear this dress until early autumn, so please just imagine it with cute black booties + the proper accessories etc. (Maybe a slouchy black beanie and a little backpack purse...)

PS: This is the same size poor Jessica Simpson was when she wore that double-belt outfit and everyone shamed her for being too big. :\ I've got two inches on her height-wise but it's all a size four. Isn't that sad? What a ridiculous world.

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