Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

STILL pouring...!

Wow we are getting slammed with the rain today! I love rain but over 14 hours straight now... I didn't get my long walk with Sooki. :\ We need it so it's all good but I hope we'll get a break tomorrow so I can make it up to Soo.

Fed my guy the leftover pasta (rigatoni!) tonight and I just pecked at things. No appetite today for some reason? But I did just eat all this cucumber and a few naan with that artichoke dip because I just knew I should.


If it's going to keep raining I think we should try to get to one of the horror movies we just got. It's Friday and a short day for him tomorrow so he already decided he's staying up a bit late. I've got laundry going so I'll need to be up until at least 11:30 anyway.

Got through the to-do list today (felt like a struggle?!) and studied the ASL book for an hour in the afternoon and my guy will catch up to me this weekend.

My stepdad turned 75 today and was/is pretty disappointed about the lockdown. :\ We assured him we'd celebrate when it's possible but...75's a big one. Wish we could've made a big deal of it today.


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