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Beautiful Morning... Moon's Day Blessings to You <3


Yet another morning I walked out all groggy and immediately yelled, "WHOA!!"

(One more under the cut...)


Morning all! I had a lovely but really busy weekend. We got to exactly zero movies, *lol*! Ah well, they're not going anywhere. We did finish the first season of Living Single and we'll start the second one tonight because the finale is a serious "OHHH!"-type cliffhanger and we're both buzzing to continue. ;)

Guinan strolled in and out all weekend! Yesterday afternoon I went in the back and she was there sitting between the stone lions, and then casually sauntered into the woods like she owns the place. ^-^ (And it is hers, along with all the other animals. So, good for her! ♥)

We continue to work on the ASL book and are amazed at how intuitive it all is! If you're a hand talker in general then you already know half the signs, I swear. I had to giggle that the sign for 'father/dad' is the 'neener neener' thing we did as kids *LOL*. Awesome. We've also mastered the sign for 'ignorant' and have already used it quite a few times in public. ;D


What else...oh! There's a new chip truck that just opened near the grocery store and it's run by Chinese people (obvious from the menu pictures) so we went to support them on their opening weekend and I watched the cutest exchange between a very old white guy and four Middle Eastern guys! They had just met at the chip truck and ten minutes later they were all exchanging phone numbers! They somehow found common ground and the Middle Eastern guys (who were younger) insisted that they (he was with his adorable little wife) call them if they ever need anything (they were all big guys). It was so sweet!! As for the food, I'd go back for the fries, but not the burger. We definitely want to try the Chinese food because that's probably/obviously where they're going to shine.

Whole thing made me smile. ^-^

Enough about me! How are you doing on this gorgeous Monday morning? :)


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