Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

27C... ^-^

Yesterday we hit 27C during the day, and by 8PM it was still 18. Bliss!! It's not as warm today but it's alright (13C at the moment, but with a chilly breeze).

Guinan has been back (and inside the house) today! Such a sweet little dear. She's okay for a few minutes but then she'll start crying at the door and it's so heartbreaking :s I of course let her back out when she asks. I watched her stroll off into the forest this morning...I can't take that from her. She definitely knows she's welcome here when the weather is bad. :)

Found a little bird's nest in the pine tree right in front of the house!


(Close-up under the cut...)


I think it's old, but I'll keep an eye on it!

Wore my beautiful green heart yesterday... ♥


And my ridiculous hat that the teen girls at the grocery store (affectionately) called "extra" and "super Paris Hilton".



I liked it before but now I LOVE this hat. ;) Hehehe!

Hope you're having a great Sun's Day, so far! I'm just getting caught up on all the things now because it was TOO nice out yesterday so we just stayed out and enjoyed it as much as possible. I discovered I can no longer ~hula~. *LOL*! I will practice.

We're still working on the sign language book! Besides the alphabet we're working on cooking terms since we're always in the kitchen together. :)


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