Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Come onnnn, May 2-4!!


Went and got the canoe on the weekend! Can't wait to get on the water this year. There's a good deal of floating around but when you are paddling it's an awesome workout. It's -1C right now so this still feels like very far away but it's good to see it and keep the dream alive *lol*.

(More under the cut...)



The wind is loud and it's putting Sooki on edge, as you can kinda see? Tail is only half up. She's out here with me in the garage right now, though :) she's okay. ♥

Really tired today but slowly plodding though the to-do list. Four things scratched off so far so I don't mind taking a little break here. Then I think a nice long, warm shower is in my future. No tub but there is a built-in seat in there *lol*. Still getting used to that.

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