Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Greening Up


It rained for like eighteen hours straight yesterday and even with the gloomy skies you can see how much greener the grass is in the back. :D

(More under the cut...)



Still pretty brown/yellow in the front here, but we're getting somewhere. ^-^

It's 1C here right now but feels warmer (haven't worn a coat yet today) and it's supposed to go up to 8, and then 12 tomorrow. Yay! Still lots of picking up to do out there (no gardening, I know it's too soon for that) so that will be tomorrow since everything is still soaked right now.

Cat box and kitchen are done and I've got laundry going. Feelin' good. Floors are up next. My guy is at his old (personal) shop with a buddy this morning because he needs a hand bringing back something huge and heavy, so I want everything smelling nice should he decide to come inside for a bit (the men always congregate in the garage no matter what *Lol* but you never know).

That's all I've go for now. Hope your Saturday is starting off well! :)


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