Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Aww... ^-^


Big warm thanks for this beautiful, mood-lifting card on a rainy day ^-^ you know who you are... *hugs*

(And poor, shattered Sooki under the cut...)


She doesn't do well with rain (or wind, or noise...etc), and we are getting pounded here so she's been stuck to me like glue all morning. I don't mind, of course! I like the company out here. ♥ And I think she's digging all the Aphex Twin. Plus she lets me know when the mail carrier gets here (so much barking!! I do jump on it and try to calm her but wow that poor person *lol* if you didn't know her I guess she'd seem scary).

Alright, back to the daily list. I've got Are You Afraid of the Dark? season 1 playing in there and a mop bucket by the door. :)

Oh and we've watched 5 episodes of Living Single so far and he's loving it, too ^-^ and I'm enjoying the rewatch. It's a classic!! Synclaire... ^-^ (She's my favourite tied with Overton. *happy sigh*)


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