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Curry for a Cool Day


Before the potatoes...

(More under the cut!)

With potatoes!! ^-^ Vindaloo, very hot. :D One of our best ever.


We're having a big rainstorm right now and I think it's supposed to go on all day, which is just fine 'cause this curry will keep me warm (and it's good for arthritis pain ♥) and it frees up having to make lunch. Scott got some in his lunch plus his beloved PB & J for his breakfast break ( about 14 other snacks *LOL* mangia, mangia!!) so that's all good. He's requested my pancakes for dinner tonight so that's quick and easy, too.

Oh wow...I'm in the garage and the rain pounding on the tin roof is just wonderful. :)

Hope everyone is safe & sound and having a nice morning (or night, for some of you)!


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