Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Rain Day

It rained ALL day today! I loved it. Made me tired but it was still nice. Let's get that grass greened up and the buds budding. ^-^

Got to break in my cute new rubber boots:


(More under the cut...)



They're very comfy and only set me back $30. I got them just in time, too--it's so WARM here! It's 11C right now and I don't need a coat (I have a light sweater on). I just baked myself in a shower and now I feel like I'm steaming out here (we've got the garage heat almost turned off). Fantastic!! Winter hurts my skeleton and I always feel younger and taller when spring arrives.

And look who came to torment Titus today!




Total jerk! He knows Ti can't get him and totally sits there and taunts him through the glass for hours. xD

Today was a bit subdued with the rain (I missed our long forest walks and I think Sooki did, too) but it'll be nice again tomorrow, and Pedro is coming over for a coffee and cooking visit! I've been craving chicken curry like crazy and he's down. :)

Hope everyone had a great day. ^-^


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