Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Ryan Gosling to Canadians... xD

So when I first saw Drive I had to really try to erase all my previous associations with Ryan Gosling's past performances...because WOW look what we dealt with in the nineties. xD

(More under the cut!)

His entrance *LOL*. That is how I'm going to enter rooms from now on.


Totally worth watching the first minute and nine seconds. *LOL*! That was actually some decent joke writing and the coordinator's (?) delivery is impeccable!

And he was also on one episode of Ready or Not, which was every little Canadian girl's (ages 7-11) favourite show (whether or not they would admit it because maybe they were a tomboy at the time *LOL* but I loved it, it was awesome).

Bahahaha!! He played such a douchebag there. xD

Hope you've enjoyed your lesson in retro Canadian coming-of-age shows and teen comedies *LOL*.

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