Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Smiling at the People


Sooki just wanted to sit outside in the sunshine all day and smile at all the cars going by! It was a very long winter for her, too. ♥

(More under the cut!)





Lil' sweetie. ^-^

I worked outside for hours today picking up all the branches and then all the trash that the Pig People throw in the ditches. It was all disposable coffee cups and beer cans (all Coors Light, so it's probably the same prick doing this all the time...oh and plus the whole drinking-and-driving thing). Sickening, bleh. Whatever, looks good out there again now. I'll go further down the road as the week goes on; maybe if the neighbours see me doing it they'll actually get off their butts and pitch in. Plus the extra exercise wouldn't hurt me!! (Still gaining...damn this pandemic!)

Alright off to whip us up a quick dinner (chicken breast, corn, rice for me and Annie's Mac & Cheese for him) and then we'll settle in for a little movie time ('s all just an excuse for me to make my ~theatre-style~ popcorn *LOL*).

Hope you had a great day. :)


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