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Gone but certainly not forgotten.

Nine years ago I lost my best friend in the worst way. His name was Desmond, and he was a shining light and had a laugh I can still hear in my mind that fills me with warmth (please, never let me forget). He did volunteer work with abused dogs, and after he died I went to where he volunteered and adopted Sooki. It looks like her in the photo... ♥

Desmond McKay I will never forget you or stop missing you. I hate how you left us but I do understand. Thank you for teaching me how to love life and enjoy the little things. I still laugh about the day we got way too stoned and I tried to walk out of the grocery store without paying. They didn't believe that I forgot to pay and I was branded a hoodlum there and never went back. We laughed all the way back to your house with strangers shooting us looks like we were nuts and that just made us laugh even harder. I hope you're laughing still, wherever you are.

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