Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

It's not super pretty...


But it's 12C here and the grass is reappearing! ...With mud. So much mud!! Ahh spring. So beautiful yet so messy! It's going to get cold again (not too bad but below zero) for the next two weeks so I'm enjoying this while I can. I'll boot up and take Sooki for a nice long walk here soon and try to get some interesting photos.

(More under the cut...)


Path to the feeders cleared up nicely!

We had shopping to do last night so we got chicken shawarmas and rice for our weekly treat meal and I stocked us up real good. Neither store had my favourite flavour of yogurt (raspberry & pomegranate) so I'm trying a variety!


I had the peach & mango one this morning with my breakfast and it was delicious. And fresh eggs courtesy of Chris & Melissa's chickens! ^-^



(I've downsized my giant breakfasts a bit! Still hearty but I skip the potatoes if I'm having toast until my jeans fit again *Lol*)

And here's Titus helping me with laundry this morning. He loves to be carried around in the basket like some kind of snooty little sultan. xD


Hope you all have a great day! ^-^

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