Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

More Essential Reading


I'm almost finished Nobody Knows My Name and there's no way I'm stopping there. Reading Baldwin has been an awakening, I wish I'd found him sooner but I'm just happy to be in the club now. ♥ Thanks to my friends here who made recommendations. :)

And 'cause I just can't help myself... (More under the cut)



I saw Resolution on Netflix when we had that at the old house and LOVED it--but I don't remember it, only my reaction to it (which was WTF omg...what is happening?? but in a good way). SO excited to re-watch it and then follow up with Endless (apparently Resolution is the prequel to Endless, which I didn't know until I was digging around deep in the horror section of the Internet one night) so YAY for double feature night. ...Please don't tell me ANYthing if you've seen these... Nothing!! I will FREAK. OUT.



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