Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Blue Skies


Feeling good today! It's still pretty cold (-16C) but at least the blue skies are coming back :) I get tired of all the grey for so long. They're calling for 5C with rain tomorrow so hopefully that'll make some of this snow disappear!

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Spoke with my mom this morning (I call her almost every morning except on weekends) and she asked if she could come help me with the gardening this spring which saved me the trouble of begging for it. :D I told her I'd put the good coffee on and make toasted tomato sandwiches for lunch (a shared favourite between us) and she said it's a deal. Yay! I really, really need the help. I am willing to admit that now. ;) (I'm a wood ox aquarian...beat that for stubbornness *LOL*)

Today feels a bit magical, doesn't it? There's a good vibe today and I'm tapping into it.

Any plans for the weekend?

We've got not one but three Batman movies to watch (thank you so much again!! These movies are great fun ♥) and I will continue the pre-spring cleaning (thank you to half my list for setting such a good example!! I've been appropriately shamed into doing it *lol*) and just enjoy some quality time with my guy. :)

Happy Freya's Day to all ♥

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