Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

A New Week, Another Chance


We got lots of snow off and on all weekend but the birds still came in droves (notice he snowplows a path to the feeders ♥) and we have a cardinal baby sighting. The little guy (girl? Can't tell yet) is SO tiny and cute and comes with either both parents or just Mama to feed on the black oil sunflower seeds. They live in the pine tree right behind it and there's another mated pair that comes every day, too. We get about a dozen different types of birds and I'll name them as soon as I find my birdwatching notebook (it's here somewhere! I must've put it down while talking on the phone. Does that make sense to anyone else *lol*).

I had a lovely catch-up call with my dear friend Andrea (♥) on Friday and learned that while they were on vacation in Panama (pre-Covid, yes it'd been awhile since we'd talked) they rescued two beach dogs! Argh you see why I love her/them. :) AND, when they got back, some heartless bastard had (country) dumped a pregnant cat on their road (-_-) and the poor thing would NOT come to Andrea or her husband (can you blame her? Poor thing) but she did have her babies in their shed and made sure they made it into the house before she took off, so now they have two kittens as well. Three dogs and three cats, they have a full house! So happy for them all. I can't wait to go over and meet them all but they're in their 70s so I don't want to rush it because she cares for her 93 year old father a lot and we're concerned about the 'bubbles'. All in good time, right? Until then we can use email and the phone. :)

What else...oh yeah nothing because I was a lazy git all weekend. xD I did the minimal stuff (kitchen, laundry, bathroom) and honestly not much else. We talked and laughed and watched some Absolutely Fabulous and I caught up on some Buffy and just chilled right out. We're waiting to hear about the lockdown restrictions being eased today but so far...nothin'. TELL US!! My birthday is this month and all I want at this point is just a nice meal out (I will happily settle for a nice meal in, but out would be ideal) so here's hoping.

I've got catching up to do here but the house needs attention first because Pedro is coming by at noon and we're gonna whip up a big ol' batch of spaghetti sauce. MMM! If you smell garlic in a few hours, that's us. xD

Happy Moon's Day to all! ♥

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