Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Home Cooking and Staying Cozy


Made a nice meatloaf yesterday...and we ate it all in one sitting. o_O No regrets!

(More under the cut...)

Leaving the door open when it's done to soak up that good heat heh.


The boring new plates that I love!


Tidied cupboard (to make room for the new plates! These old houses have HUGE kitchens with almost no cupboards or counters *lol*) so I can do some baking tomorrow morning ♥ (There's more stuff in the pantry but that's getting mighty full, too...)


And tonight I made chicken fajitas, mmm.


And look! Almost all the snow is gone again... So weird!


Ya like our burn barrel?


So ghetto (but it works). ;)

In other news, I got the gift(s) to the Good Samaritan, and guess what? Her office is actually her home, so I got to meet her super friendly and adorable dog, Charlie, too! What a sweet little icebreaker he was...we were both in tears when I walked in just 'cause it put us both back to that day. :\ It was very emotional. We would've hugged if not for Covid -_- so we talked for a few minutes but I was choking up--which I was prepared for! I told her I'd written her a short letter and it was in the card, and we wished each other well. It was hard but so nice to see her again. She is a lovely person, she just shines. I hope 2021 makes her dreams come true ♥

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