Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Midsommar: Absolute Trash

Wasted almost three hours of my precious time on is literally the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life.

I give it 0/10 stars and I gave The Blair Witch 2 6/10, so chew on that for a minute.

A few of the major problems include it being incredibly boring and predictable--beyond predictable. Painful. Zero creativity. It's obvious Ari Aster became a little obsessed after watching Vikings because both his "horror" movies (they aren't horror movies; think of them more as gory dramas) are just sad reflections of some of Vikings best episodes. He's nothing but a lazy rip-off artist and after being even more disappointed in this one than I was with Hereditary I can honestly say he's out of chances with me. He wasted hours of screen time and still managed to create a movie completely void of suspense or anticipation. You're shown 'ancient art' right at the beginning that literally tells you the entire movie to come. I know Hollywood thinks audiences are all stupid idiots, but that's pushing it.

Just a total waste of time and I don't know why people think the main actress was so great because she bored me to tears. These actors who are barely even legal adults need to STOP with the botox--you can't emote convincingly when over half your face is frozen in place. None of the characters reacted realistically to anything that happened and the dialogue was a joke. There was literally one brief scene that I enjoyed but that's more because it made me remember the fun old drug days from my youth, but that was it. Not even enough to earn one star from me. :\

OH and one more thing--don't let him off the hook for it being a 'bright' movie (literally bright as in it was always daylight in the film) because you CAN make a terrifying movie that takes place during the day and a good example is The Green Inferno (Eli Roth) which I watched as a palate cleanser (haha) shortly after. Does anyone else like that one?? Now that is a phenomenally freaky movie made by someone who actually loves, and knows a lot about horror movies.

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