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I ate five tacos last night...FIVE. What the hell? *lol* Dessert was cookies, of course---the recipe makes four dozen. It's a lot of cookies. o_O

(More under the cut)


They also made a great breakfast, heh. (Had my eggs for lunch instead! You know I wasn't skipping my daily eggs.)

Chilly here today (6C / 42F), seems like it might try to snow again, it's got that feeling in the air. Today was a laundry and tidying day, nothing exciting but nothing bad happened, either, so that's a good day.

Feeling bummed about Halloween/Samhain...doesn't feel like it's even happening this year. This whole month has been crap for us and we've been trying to perk up for our favourite holiday but it's not going that well. I know it's small potatoes but it sucks that we can't have our annual costume party. We've barely had anyone out to the house yet and it would've been a good way to get folks out here for a fun night, which we all need, but what can you do. I know we're all in the same boat.

A bit of good news is I phoned my mom for a visit so we're going there for dinner this weekend :) haven't seen her since...well we're pushing a year now, I think. So that'll be nice! I never know what to bring when we go there, though. They don't drink and she's making all the food and dessert... ? Flowers? We usually do flowers.

Time to switch the laundry. Hope you're all having a nice day. :)

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