Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark



I saw chocolate chip cookies on my friend's list recently and was craving them ever since ^-^ I haven't made the cake yet, but now I'm thinking it should be cupcakes (more even frosting distribution... Mmm, frosting).




Saved him a little raw dough, heh.

It was a nice day, quiet. Just did the usual housework stuff and watched two episodes of Six Feet Under (I'm rewatching the whole thing, so good). Something nice: my guy bought me a beautiful winter coat off a tool truck today, of all places, and it's so nice!! I really love it--black and hot pink. ^-^ I'll snap a photo of it tomorrow in the daylight! It was just such a random surprise *lol* (they don't usually have that kind of thing on the trucks but they're having a promotion of some kind). :D When he told me he had a surprise for me I thought he meant pizza or something. xD

Okay now I'm going in to make tacos for dinner. Have a great night! :)

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