Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Felt like baking...


So I grabbed 30 eggs last night. xD Way better deal to buy them in bulk, and I eat 14 a week just by myself, plus an extra six for him on weekends means eggs never go to waste in this house. Think I'm going to make cookies...but I also want cake. We'll see what I do!

Found a cozy little spot in the kitchen for my cookbooks that were previously just everywhere...


And I also have two binders of recipes I've printed out myself and it's really those I use the most. I'm really itching to try making Chinese food...I've been watching Chef John Zhang obsessively and I almost feel ready *lol*

Is that not the most soothing thing you ever seen? :D veganhothead I know you're down with the food porn ;) It's just intensely satisfying and I'm not sure sure why *lol*.

Okay back to the housework for now, I'll be back for afternoon break. Hope you're all having a great day ♥

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