Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Red Shadows


The sunrise a few days ago turned the tree beside it red! I was pretty humbled to see that, so beautiful. Two more under the cut :)



I'd never seen/noticed it look like that before and thought I'd share ♥

Is it really cold for everyone else, too? We're at 3C (37F) right now...the big drop will happen soon. -_- They're calling for rain tonight and tomorrow and it'd BETTER not turn into snow *shakes fist* I saw two of you have snow already and that is just wrong.
*group hug*

This weekend I just relaxed and then caught up on things today. We went and saw my bro and his girlfriend on Friday night and had a total blast ^-^ we just love her. Super easy to talk to, smart, funny, SO happy for him (them)! We had a glass of wine and laughed our butts off into the night. Their new puppy is sooo cute, oh my word. Athena is her name and I love her to pieces :> I couldn't get a photo because she is in that super rambunctious, bite-y little puppy stage right now and so I just put all my valuables away and played with her without worrying about any of that. And she is so loving and playful, just adorably sweet. Pure energy. She's going to be a great dog, you can tell. I will get photos next time, I promise!

Alright I'm off to make dinner and do our movie night thing, see you folks in the morning. :)


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