Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark


Made some cheesy penne noodles and chicken tonight! Did the garlic bread in the real oven this time :D (those are his sandwich buns for work but there were some to spare). So full now! Almost time to veg out with a movie--that reminds me: we watched The Cable Guy on the weekend, one of my all-time favourite movies.

If you've never seen it then I urge you not to assume it's bad just because everyone says it wrecked his career (as if the man wasn't allowed to take on a darker role? He had to stay Disney-funny forever? Gimme a break) it shouldn't have wrecked his career, it's really good but too many people just didn't 'get it'.


They weren't ready for the concept, and/or it was too awkward for most people. But if you actually like dark comedies--this one is gold. Imagine dealing with Chip?! Really though. o_O We've all dealt with a Chip of some degree... It makes my skin crawl *Lol*. It almost classifies as a horror movie, really, except there's no blood or gore or anything like that. So good, a great October flick. :)

Okay time to feed the monsters and get comfy. Hope you all have a great night. ♥

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