Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Perfect Timing

It's been such a gorgeous day--22C!! Probably the last day I'll be able to wear a tank top! And I greatly enjoyed it. :)

We hopped right in the truck when we got up (no makeup, no coffee/tea and I'm ready to go in five minutes now) and got all the errands done (such beautiful scenery on the drive, too, wow!) and not five minutes after we got home and took the dogs out/got 'em back in it start pouring + thunder and lightning. :D

I was really busy with homemaker stuff yesterday (reorganizing the cupboards/pantry/closets etc.) but I did take photos of the tiny pancakes I made us two nights ago for ya! He requested silver dollar pancakes and I was scared I'd burn them but they turned out great. And then for some reason I made enough pasta (with meat sauce) for fifteen people last night so we are definitely having leftovers for dinner tonight. o_O (Why do I do that with pasta?? Every time...!)

Look how cute they are:


And pasta:


And just to get rid of the two lonely hamburger buns we had I made some real garlic butter and toasted them in the toaster oven! So easy and it tasted the same as the delicious garlic butter from my restaurant days. Mmm. I just need good, crusty bread for it next time. House smelled delicious all night!


Yes that is crushed garlic all over it (all melted together first). *drools*

We've been spending as much time as possible outside before the cold snap happens so I'm a bit behind here but I'm working on catching up this weekend. :)


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