Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Love that morning light...


(2 more under the cut)



The trees across the field are just starting to turn now ^-^


Hope you're having a great Friday, so far! I had a rough night sleep-wise so I got up and did some housework right away just to wake up and that was a good mood booster. Did my stretches and a short workout but then I quit on it early 'cause I'm already sore and don't want to push too hard and actually injure myself. There are some nice steamy showers and Tiger Balm in my future! (I'll be fine, just a sore shoulder/neck. I'll do Kawaii eyes on my guy and maybe get a neck rub later, heh.)

Eldest stepson came over for dinner last night and we got delicious Chinese takeout for dinner so I had that for breakfast, heh. It was a nice night and so great that he can drive now and just come see us whenever he feels like it (two visits this week! Yay). And OH my good gosh, I can't tell you how much like Scott he can be o_O they are really different in a lot of ways but then he'll say something and it's like WOW yup that is your son...!! Very cool to see. ^-^

I'm due to take the dogs out at noon and the gloomy morning is giving way to a really nice, warm day. Woo!

Early weekend blessings to you~


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