Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Pizza by the Water


Today, just for something different, we grabbed a pizza and he took us down to the water to eat and watch the sunset. Oh and it 22C even at sunset...just perfect. :)

Come on in...



Sun and moon hanging out at the same time...



And down here, where we walked around last time, there were two big, beautiful white swans that stayed for the whole 45 mins we were there--with geese buddies?? Two swans and six geese and they seemed like one big family. I didn't know that was a thing? It was really nice to watch them, but I decided not to get close enough for photos so as not to disturb them. They seemed to be doing end-of-day things, and I hate to be disturbed during that time. ;)


And the pizza was good! We'd never tried this one before but it turns out small-town/country pizzas are all good. We will ask for the thick crust next time, though! We like 'em thick and heavy. And we didn't bother with toppings because it was to eat sitting on the tailgate, heh.

It was a really nice 'dinner date' ^-^ and now we're gearing up to watch a movie. I spent lots of time outside and got some photos of the leaves starting to turn here :) I'll post those and catch up with you guys in the morning!

Sleep well ♥

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