Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Misty Mornings


It dropped to just 2C last night so I think there will be more foggy mornings to come. ^-^

(1 more under the cut + words)


You need a jacket in the morning now but it's so nice. That first dog walk wakes me right up! Invigorating. I'm not gonna make the girls wait to pee so I just do my leg stretches out there on the lawn while they do their thing, and that's nice, too. (I wake up so stiff even with the pre-sleep stretching, ugh. I think we need a new mattress?)

This week is all about shutting down for the cold season so I'm doing that on top of the regular daily cleaning stuff. Keeping myself busy, really busy! Trying to keep myself sane... :s Over the last two nights we watched the incredible cult classic Evil Dead II and laughed our butts off while munching out on popcorn and chocolate chip cookies. :D A great end-of-day reward (I need the goals-rewards system or else I fall into a rut so fast). Made yummy steaks and garlic mashed potatoes for dinner.



And I'm making pancakes for dinner tonight, heh. Quick/easy/minimal mess. Woo!

Called my mom this morning just to say hi and she says hi to all of you, as well, and a very Happy Birthday to you, lindahoyland

Alright this was a nice break but I'd better get back to the things now! Hope you're all having a great day. ^-^


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