Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Noms from this Week


Chicken breast was on sale Sunday so Monday night I made us chicken Alfredo with rainbow ~veggie~ pasta (how do they do it? Amazing)! The little ball things are garlicky cheese buns I did in the toaster oven. :D

(More under the cut!)

And it made tonnes so we had the leftovers Tuesday night. ^-^


Our weekly treat (we don't usually do it on Wednesday but it just worked out that way) was delicious chicken shawarma pitas and potatoes with extra toum. *drooling*


And then that was a lot of chicken so last night I fried up some steaks! :D


As you can see, my appetite is back! :>

Alright well my company will be here at 12:30 (noon thirty *Lol*) so I better go get some cleaning done!

PS: We think Titus is the real Titus now--he's been doing ALL his unique little annoying habits lately and it's erasing a lot of doubt *lolol*.

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