Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

September Photo Challenge 2/30 (Book)


I have this ancient Poe book that is very precious to me even though it's in terrible condition (who cares? I'd never sell it even if it were in good condition). It's probably the only thing in the house that is older than the house? It was given to me by my British uncle in my late teens and I've always cherished it. I always read (carefully) from it around Hallowe'en ♥

List is here. :)

*This is the photo for the challenge but I am including a photo of it closed as well because it has a unique look!


Green! ^-^ It's the type of thing that should really be read by firelight during a storm. ;)
Tags: #septemberphotochallenge

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