Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

August Photo Challenge 26/31 (Starts with a 'T')


Train tracks! They're just far away enough away (10 mins) that they don't disturb us but we get to enjoy that far-away whistle now and then. Love that sound, especially at night. Kind of eerie, but also comforting? It's weird. :)

I'm making this the last one, so I included three more under the cut as a bonus. I checked and I started this on August 13th but then it rained for almost two weeks between then and now -_- so I was already behind and then fighting the weather. Did the best I could. :)

Here are the ones I missed:

- A portrait (my guy is seriously anti-photo and I didn't want to use the pets because I do photograph them all the time *shrugs* so that one was hard).

- Where I work

- Black and white

- But first... (I would've done my morning tea, but Coffee vs. Tea was already a prompt in this list and I didn't have enough time to figure something else out.)

Not bad, I feel good about it!

List is here.

(3 more under the cut)




Thank you so much to all of you who commented on these photos and cheered me on. :) Little projects like these really help my mental state (gave me something to focus on, got me outside a lot, spurred creativity, opened interactions here etc.) and I really enjoyed your input along the way. ♥

I'm still feeling physically awful but it's couch/movie time with my guy now :) just gotta feed the monsters and then pop a little corn. Hope you all had a great Moon's Day! OH by the way, was the moon as crazy BIG anywhere else as it was here tonight?! It was so huge, low and yellow that it looked totally fake, like a movie set prop o_O sooo freaky! Just fantastic.

Sweet dreams. ^-^
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