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Happy Moon's Day!!

It's been a lovely day so far! Hope yours is, too. :)

It was raining when we got up at 6 but it's stopped and now it's marvellously mild out there. I took the dogs out for another walk already because I think they both faked it in the rain this morning *Lol*. Dogs!!

So last night's storm lasted all night. It was phenomenal. We turned off all the lights, opened all the curtains and watched The Nun. OH my gosh--that one is GOOD. Really good. ...Really freaked me out. o_O I was raised Catholic (Catholic school, did all the rites...the whole nine) so all that stuff spooks me out on a seriously deep level. I love it. Really good acting and I like the main stars (I was crusty on Taissa at first...I've come around). The best part was we could seriously not go two minutes without the entire main floor lighting right up in a sickly purplish hue and then BOOM!! For the whole movie!!


Spectacular. I felt like we were in a movie! Snacks were hot buttered popcorn and Junior Mints ("They're very refreshing!")...and Nanaimo bars. *LOL*. Hey siglinde99 maybe I will hit 'the whole 19'...


Alrighty, time to go feed those fur monsters! Blessings to all who read these words ♥

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