Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

The Reading Room ^-^


I know it doesn't look like much...but you seriously could not step into this room at all or even see the beds four days ago! The panelling and, right? Ancient ;) but we'll be re-doing all of that over time. (The cracked and peeling wallpaper is under the cut, spiffikins *lol*!) But that's all details and it'll be a fun project when we get to it. And,'s the perfect room to read horror in. ;)

That window by the bed looks out onto the opening of the forest (where the lions are) and the other window looks out where we have that wall of pine trees that blocks out the far neighbour). Really peaceful. ^-^

A few more photos...

I love the sloping ceiling, very 'country'!! But yes it's rough as all hell and obviously that wallpaper needs to go + the walls need attention. No big deal! Helped us get the price down, heh.


This photo shows the size better but it also exposes all the things I haven't found homes for yet. ;) (It's not stressing me out, though. I have plenty of room to read and that's all I wanted this week!)

Check out the creepy-cool doors upstairs...they're barely 5 feet tall! (I'm 5'5 and yes we each took a turn cracking our skulls on the frame the first week we lived here *LOL*.)




I don't have the skeleton key...what if it's in the cellar somewhere?? Wouldn't that be spooky? I should really grab my guy (*lool*) and go look today. (There was some weird old junk down never know!)

So that's the big reveal--I don't even have nightstands yet, just pink Rubbermaids.


But still, yay!


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