Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Wild and Free...


I don't panic anymore when he escapes 'cause he just hangs around the house! And he came when I called him...?? Amazing. (He doesn't always listen so well!) He's been sleeping in a pile with the dogs since his latest escape (the weather is nice now, just 24C today and cooler in the house) but I'm going to wake him up soon to come check out our new reading room!! Yes, I finished that today and the bed is all freshly made and I'm so looking forward to sinking into it and doing some reading this evening.

I never mentioned to my guy that I was doing that this week (I insisted he rest a lot on the couch which was NOT easy 'cause he's a big 'doer' normally and the moment he starts to feel better he wants to go full-swing on everything again and it's like NO plz don't..keep healing!!) so when he walked in there today he was pretty blown away (last week you couldn't even walk into the room--boxes stacked four feet high everywhere) which made me feel GREAT. There are still a few boxes in there, but they've been unpacked, sorted, pared down, repacked and arranged nicely on the left side of the room. The right side has the window and the bed is beside it and that whole side is clean and spacious now. Until we get more bookshelves, this is good enough. :)

We started a movie last night (12 Monkeys...omg. I forgot how good this was) but felt too tired to return to it after intermission so we'll finish that tonight and maybe start another one (...and not finish that one *lol* We're stuck in a loop like this right now).

Alright time for a shower and then some reading upstairs. ^-^


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