Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Happy Freya's Day!! ^-^

Friday already! Woo! I know some of you have awesome plans this weekend and I wish you safe travels and loads of fun!! ^-^

Yesterday was a really great day: I stuck to my list and added a bunch of extra things (got half my summer wardrobe squared away!!) once I realized I was ahead of the game (it's been a good week!) and made huge progress in the reading room--I found SO many things unpacking more boxes :o things I'd forgotten I'd had. Brand-new things, still in original bags!! So much jewellery--and I left it all on the dining table so I can take a photo for you guys later! ^-^

I haven't been posting much but it's only because I'm hyper-focused on getting stuff done around here (and I also have a personal rule about not posting again until I've got my comments down to 15 or less) and just taking good care of all of us (including myself). I just feel really content. Life is good and it's even better when I keep myself busy and don't have time to focus on the negatives.

So cute: this morning while I was walking Sooki, I noticed the grass moving oddly in front of me. At first I thought it was a cricket but then something told me to look closer... IT WAS A TOAD SO TINY IT COULD SIT ON A DIME COMFORTABLY. :o My heart exploded!! His little hoppity-hops...! ;_;

So cute #2: Yesterday we took a drive to grab milk and saw a deer across a cornfield--with her two sweet little babies. *more tears* We made sure to stop so everyone stopped and four vehicles of people sat and smiled as we all watched them cross them road...into the cornfield!! Good eats. ;)

Alright, a quick tea here then I'm back to the things! ^-^

Hope you're all having a great start to the weekend :)

*Update 11:15

Just unpacked another huge box!! Almost ready to bring the vacuum in. :> Took those photos so now I can put all that away, too *lol*. Time for eggs now (I had cereal first thing)!


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