Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Lazy Bebes


It's only 21C here today (yay) so I took the dogs on extra walks (runs for them because if I jog along a little then they can run around quite a bit with 30 ft of leash) and now they're all pooped. (Titus is just enjoying the chill vibe!) Felt so good to get fresh air that wasn't hot as hell, too.

Was just speaking about being 'Saved by the Routine' with a friend here and I employed that same thinking today and now I'm way ahead of the game and feeling great. Got up at 7, kinda late but not too bad, and now the daily list is done, we got groceries and I'm working on turning one of the spare rooms into a reading room--and Titus is allowed on those beds. Yay for kitty cuddles! ♥ But for the next twenty minutes, I'm on a tea break.

Breakfast was cereal, lunch was leftover pasta and second lunch was a cheese bun and a Nanaimo bar (we've been to the bakery, heh). I'm thinking corn on the cob and pepper steaks for dinner--yes I know we just ate this meal recently but I just didn't feel like making hamburgers or turning on the oven. Second dinner will likely be the remaining leftover pasta, toast and peanut butter for a night snack and then it is delicious popcorn/movie time. If you're not gonna live like a hobbit then what's even the point?

And just 'cause they're adorable--3 more photos of our lil' monsters under the cut! ^-^


Her back legs!! *LOL*. She LOVES her pen, and we were all pretty shocked when Sooki recently started stealing it. o_O


I walked in the first time and saw this and then Pig looked at me like this:



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