Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

~Movie Night for 1~


Really enjoyed my (alone!) re-watch of The Conjuring :> so so good. The only 'dud' is the dad, sad to say. He just didn't react normally and seemed incapable of showing any kind of true emotion. Very bland, but everyone else is fantastic in it--even all five of the daughters! (Usually at least one is insufferable *lol*.)

And here--I thought you guys might think this is funny: Right before I started it, I marvelled at how incredibly dark and quiet it is out here in the country at night and how it really adds to the whole horror experience. Fantastic. I had the windows open and all I could hear were crickets and it smelled like campfire smoke. Amazing--but it was at this moment that I remembered how creepy our own cellar is (*shudders*) and then I jokingly thought to myself, Should I really watch this alone...? Ah, it's just a movie...

*plays movie*



And then I died a little bit but my pride kept me going. ;) I had forgotten that little tidbit!! A great re-watch--10/10 recommend this one. ^-^

And my snacks were hidden in the darkness but here's the photo with the flash on!


Mmm. Ya gotta have snacks.

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