Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

More Classic Horror

Checked out Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors (1987) last night and howlin_wolf_66 I definitely agree that this is the best one (barring the first one, of course) so far! I flipped out when I saw who the "hot-shot grad student" was!! ^-^ They continue to be gorier with each movie--and I vividly remember the fourth one because it disgusted me so badly when I was 10. o_O We don't actually have the fourth one, yet, but I'm confident Walmart will have it for $5 as we get closer to Hallowe'en.

This one is special to me because I'm an enormous Patricia Arquette fan (Alabama + Clarence forever ♥) and I thought she looked SO young in it, but I just checked and she was 19?? ...Did I look like that much of a baby at 19?! Did we all?? What is time. ;_;

And if you know me at know I loved Taryn. :>



I loved the whole thing and it gets mad bonus for use of claymation. ^-^

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