Living Dead Girl (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Living Dead Girl

Salvaging an 'off' day. ^-^

Caught myself feeling a bit down for no specific reason today and let myself wallow for an hour...but then I had a talk with myself about not being a giant whine-ass and got my butt in gear. I spoke with a friend earlier about facing these feelings head-on, and then reminded myself of all the things that make me happy...and then I did those things.

Danced to this whole CD:


Anyone else a fan? I love this album so much.


Then I walked the woods as a cool-down exercise and stopped to appreciate the flowers... (More under cut)


I know you've seen this bush recently but more flowers keep appearing. :)

Then I did some light cleaning and that improved my mood so much that I was suddenly inspired to cook something nice for dinner now that the weather has cooled (just 26C today, lovely). I looked in the pantry and just made the first thing I could think of that I had all the ingredients for: beef stroganoff. :)





(These are 4-cup containers!)

So fast, so easy, and it makes a LOT--a fab way to stretch a pound of ground beef!

I'm going to head in and finish the dishes soon and then since we're about to get a big thunderstorm we've decided to watch Freddy 3: Dream Warriors tonight. :D

*The gif is from Only Lovers Left Alive, a movie I highly recommend. Remembering Eve's pep talk to her guy also helped me so much today... ♥
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