Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Coffee Break

Got up a little before 6 this morning and had my routine done by 9 so I hopped on Belinda and zipped over to town! It's endless cornfields around here right now (last year it was a lot of beans) and I just love it. I didn't pass a single vehicle on the country roads and just a few once I hit the highway. It's hot but the breeze felt so great on my skin (I go 35-42 km/h).

I stopped at the post office so there are Una's angels travelling to the USA and the UK right now as I type this!! I hope you both like the ones I picked. ^-^

Also remembered books for the thing!


(More under the cut)


So well stocked now! :D

Just finished my lunch (egg salad on whole grain) and am enjoying a nice sit-down with coffee and you guys now before I head back inside to get started on the afternoon chores.

Hope you're also having a great day! :)

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