Living Dead Girl (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Living Dead Girl

With the rising sun comes another chance...


I'm going to miss watering the garden as part of my morning routine/rituals very much when summer is over! It's so peaceful and calming...and I caught myself talking to the plants this morning, heh. The birds are very vocal at that hour (6-7AM) and the metal wind chimes were tinkling away and it was just so perfect that I almost happy-cried at the simple beauty of it all.

Anyone see the huge, almost-full moon last night? Before midnight it hangs perfectly centered over the adjacent cornfield so I can stand on the front lawn and just soak it in without having to leave my 'safety bubble' of the house *Lol*. (Coyotes...other wild things...aliens...things we don't even know about...! I stick close to the house after dark.)

A few more photos from this morning under the cut :)



Look at that morning sunlight...I mean just look at it!! Who else is simply grateful to have woken up today? A lot of people didn't and if you're reading this then there are many people who would consider you one of the luckiest people in the world right now. Just to be well. To be here. Another chance at a day, good or bad. Another chance to make decisions. What an enormous gift.



I'm just finishing a damn good cup of coffee and then it's back to the list!

*hugs for all*
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