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Laughing in the Dark

<3 Shopping Locally in the New World <3

With so many of the vendors being senior citizens I'm assuming that our flea market will be one of the very last places to reopen, so I took matters into my own hands and started phoning (remember the phone? *lol*) vendors (I always take their business card when I buy anything from a booth) and made some direct connections!

And that means I had a truly lovely visit with Una ~The Angel Lady~ yesterday afternoon. She has converted her enclosed porch into a small shop and accepts by-appointment visits as long as you wear a mask and gloves (no problem at all but WOW those masks really do get hot quickly) and it was so what my spirit needed (just to be around someone so positive, who really makes the most of what she has been given... She inspires me).

I set it up now because I had to make good on a promise--lijahlover I got you your angel and I hope you love the one I've chosen for you! She had them in every colour so that made it easier. All her things are blessed, by the way (in Italy). I'll get that in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday for sure (it's raining here now and I don't feel safe e-biking in rain). ^-^

And for myself... New chakra bracelet! :D


(More under cut)



And I wore my favourite necklace from her and she definitely noticed right away. ^-^


(It glows from within...!!)


(I change clothes 3-5 times a day--these are from the same day *lol*)

This beaded one is from her as well (I think it's the first thing I ever bought from her) and I changed up my bracelet snaps to suit my mood, heh.



The blue beaded one is to repel the Evil Eye, which I get a lot of. (Sad, for them!)

And as if seeing Una wasn't enough of a treat all in itself, look what she gifted me...



Can you believe she also just had to put her cat of 16 years down? A strange coincidence but it was so nice to comfort one another a little, knowing the other one really understood.

Did I mention she dances under the full moon by the river every month? She didn't tell us that--our friends who live in her town have seen her and told us. :) Talk about a kindred spirit.

PS: My guy parked right in front of her house but stayed in the truck, and when I left she must've been looking out the window and noticed me walk up to the truck, and then stop. And wait. My guy got out as he always does and as he was opening the door for me she came flying out her house and happily exclaimed how truly wonderful it was to see that there are still gallant men in this world. I told her that I think I may have gotten the very last one, and I'm never, ever letting go.

I have not opened a door for myself in his presence in almost eight years. ...Have I mentioned how much I love him? My dad would've loved him (he was forever holding doors open for women and never even got miffed when they sometimes wouldn't say thanks/give a little smile & nod. That's not why he did it...he was simply a gentleman. <3)

Okay I have to stop now or else I'll start crying and it's very early in the day for crying *LOL*. ;)

Love and light to you all and I hope your week is off to a great start. :)
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