Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Arguable the best movie ever made. ;)


Good Burger (1997) *LOL*! It's an absolute "classic", and clearly a must-see film. ;)

(More under cut)

It's just a totally ridiculous comedy about the little (good) guy taking on evil big business in the glamorous world of fast food and it is so hilarious. We had to pause it twice so I could clean the TEARS off of my glasses from laughing so hard *LOL*. ^-^

It's mostly a lot of physical, slapstick style humour and sort of a straight-funny man combo except the 'straight' one is also really funny (but in a less absurd way *lmao*).

So glad I bought it because I will definitely watch this every few months for the rest of my life now hehehe.

I mean, just look at Ed...!


BS you're not smiling just looking at his face.


My guy had never seen it (he wasn't exactly the right demographic at the time as he pointed out *lol* so he's off the hook) and so it made my whole week to show it to him. I love sharing the stupid things I love with the one I love. ...LOVE!

And, naturally, I made us burgers. ;)



Hope you're having a great day!! Whenever I'm sad now I will just remember the grape-nose-boy scene and everything will be fine again. ;)

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