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And here it is!!

So this is the dance I spent all yesterday afternoon practicing! I guess it's called the Shuffle Dance? But that's some quick footwork to get called a shuffle *lol*.

Soo many beautiful women! I barely let my man sit down yesterday before showing it to him--he didn't mind.


I knew which chick he'd prefer (pigtails and short-shorts, heh) but he's always surprised at my picks ;)'s the girl in red with the mask. *LOL*! She's got total spunk and that can't be faked, heh. My second choice is the gal in high-waisted jeans with the long dark hair--she spins and smiles at one point and I can FEEL her awesome energy right through the screen!

*I don't know why the "race car" chick is on the cover--this is all real women (by real I mean not professional dancers/models) who just made little videos of themselves and sent them in. I WANT TO ADD MINE! ^-^ ...When I nail it, I mean. ;)

Okay, coffee & catch up here then back to my dance practicin'. :>


PS: HOW IS THE CHICK IN THE GREY HAT DOING THAT?! Does she not have bones? o_O

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