Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

So, birds are better than people... -_-

You guys, the most unreal thing just happened.

I was walking Sooki and she somehow managed to chase and ALMOST catch a robin that was sitting in the grass. She almost had it in her mouth but I pulled her back just in time. Well, I think the poor robin was shocked as hell because it started running instead of flying, tweeting like crazy... For a few seconds I feared I was too late (Sooki is strong...) and I was SO worried for the little bird...

And then, I heard it.

Within 5-10 seconds, roughly 30-40 robins came FLOODING out of the nearby trees, ALL screaming their heads off. They came for us--of COURSE I ran away and brought Sooki with me. Then when I felt safe and looked back, you know what I realized?

The robins now had company.

Red-winged blackbirds are still out there in full force to back them up.


This, is how WE need to be reacting. This is proof that the most natural reaction to seeing someone being victimized is to RUN INTO THE FIRE AND HELP. And not only if that other bird is a robin, like you. If every single person did this then the other side would not stand a chance in hell.

I watched--that robin is totally fine and flew away.

It was just amazing to see/experience.

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